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Having a problem with my emails today made me realise how reliant we have become on technology.  It’s not that long ago, that the only way we had of contacting people that were to far a way to make a quick visit a reasonable option, was to write a letter. I do still miss getting a letter that I can physically hold from pen friends far away instead of an email, yes I know I could print them out, but I personally think less thought goes into an email to a friend than if you sat down to write them a letter.

When did you last sit down & write a letter, with a pen & paper? I have to admit I can’t remember. I often pen a quick note into Christmas card to friends we haven’t managed to see that year or who live abroad, the usual how the family are doing, any major events & happenings, but it’s not a true letter.

Even Christmas & birthday card are often sent over the internet these days whether it be by a quick text or a virtual card, whilst this is great if you have forgotten someone, actually receiving a card someone has gone out of their way to purchase, write, attach a stamp & then post, means so much more & shows them that you care.

Just a few random thoughts I had today.

Have you got someone with a special day coming up soon & will you be sending them a card or a letter?

Nanna Jane

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