Drumond Park Games Review of SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad!

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Drumond Park Games Review of Sshh Don’t Wake Dad!

SHHHHHHHHH… that lovely chocolate cake is there in the fridge. How are you going to get to it without waking Dad?
Be Careful! There are so many things that could make a noise. If you trip up or knock something over, you will wake Dad!

We have received the board game ‘Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad’ to review from Drumond Park Games

We let Jake choose which game that he would like to pick from Drumond Park Games and he chose this game, as he has seen it advertised before Christmas and mentioned that he would like this game, so this was his very first choice.

We have played the older version of this game visiting a friend’s house and he really wanted to have the newer electronic version to try.
We opened the box and were presented with the bed, spinner, character pieces, instructions, gaming cards, and playing board.
We inserted the 2 x AA batteries and instantly dad began to snore, which made Jake giggle and shouted ‘it sounds just like Granddad!’

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Let the battle commence

We chose our colour gaming pieces, shared 16 cards between us, span the spinner and began to play.
On the spinner there is 4 colours which are yellow, green, red and blue and a picture of slippers and “+” sign.

Each square on the board that you land has either a picture or an arrow. Each of the picture squares has a matching card that a player will be holding, if you land on the arrow square that means you are safe and do not need to worry and it is the next players turn.
If you land on a picture and your opponent has that card, you then have to press dad’s alarm clock the number of times that it indicates on the board, if you do not wake up dad, then you are safe. If you do wake up dad he will spring up and make you jump! Then you have to go back to the bed and start all over again. You then take that card from the opponent and put it in to your own collection.

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Play is underway.

If you spin and land on your own picture to the card, you are safe and do not need to press dad’s alarm clock and the next players take their turn.
If you spin and the spinner arrow lands on the ‘slippers’ section this then means that you can jump 1 square ahead of the leading player, and if you spin and land on a “+” you get to choose an opponents card to have in your own collection.

The aim of the game is to get to the chocolate cake from the fridge without waking up dad; if you get there then you win & enjoy the cake!

Board Game Giveaway win Don't Wake Dad - Family Clan

Caught Jakes winning pose!

We absolutely love this game and have had to play it every day after a “long day at school” for Jake. It does meet up to what we would have thought it would be like. I asked Jake which version he preferred, he could not choose just said ‘both’. He really liked the idea of being able to have a square to land on at the bottom of the bed, and if dad wakes and you’re stood on the bed then he ends up knocking you off and that player also had to go back to bed. He thought it was funny at first when it happened to me when he was pressing the alarm clock, so we both had to start again!

The only thing that I think the new game is missing is the place to store your cards and playing pieces when the game is finished. Where as the older game we was able to put all the pieces in a drawer under dads bed away safe after play, but this newer electronic version doesn’t have this it only has a slot in Dad’s headboard which will only fit cards, but that is for use whilst playing, as they fall out if put in their and then put into the box away.

Overall this game is hours of fun for quality family time together we have had many laughs so far, in just a few games. (May I add mainly at me having to go back to the start and Jake thinking it funny that I’m losing when I’m landing on his cards!) I can’t believe a 5 year old has beaten me more times that once!

Aimed at ages 5+ and is 2 to 4 players, it is an excellent family fun filled game and would also be great as a gift.
For stockists and to play games online visit www.drumondpark.com and is also available from Amazon for £22.85 with free delivery.

We really enjoyed the game and give it big thumbs up.

Drumond Park have kindly given us one of these games to giveaway so if you would like to win just follow the links below.

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We was sent this game from Drumond Park to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

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  1. Not good as i remembered i would have to re-bag up the ‘stuff’ we cleaned out of the main drain and hope to goodness the tip would take it.. It did and fingers crossed it wont happen again! Funny thing is.. we spoke to more people doing that this morning than we had in months!

  2. I woke up a bit tired, treated to breakfast and then returned to sleep for a while. Got up later feeling more refreshed ready to see to planned commitments of the day.

  3. Totally grumpy I am afraid! My 4 year old woke me up at 6.30am even with it being a non school day. Her eczema flare up has meant lots of disturbed sleep for us all this week, so was so looking forward to a lie in! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. …

  4. I have woke up in a good mood this morning….until I came downstairs and seen the dishes from our dinner party last night! Lol! Xo

  5. Glad not having to go out early and having ice to scrape off car but disappointed football match has been cancelled. Mixed feelings.

  6. Content, I had a good nights sleep, my husband was working, so I had the whole bed to myself(I did miss him slightly ;-))

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  8. I was on top of the world this morning and have no idea why! Saying that though, the day has got progressively worse 🙁

  9. I woke up wondering “why,why,why, do I have three cats?”. I received a text at 6:30 in the morning, cats assumed it was my alarm and decided it was wake up time…..the extra 30 minutes would have been appreciated! Was okay after coffee though 🙂

  10. I woke up already exhausted at the prospect of babysitting my two year old niece ( who I love, but who runs me ragged).

  11. Tired yet cheerful. Tired because my twin boys kept me awake through the night but cheerful because its almost Easter 🙂

  12. Woke up knackered & ended up having to sleep most of the day, think last week of family emergencies finally caught up with me.

  13. Woke it in a good mood. Last night I booked to see the new Batman film on Tuesday so can’t wait. Turned the TV on while I was getting dressed and to boost my good mood even further, I got a blast of my favourite rock band. 🙂

  14. Thanks to the cat trying to get a cake from the cake tin I woke up grouchy and grumpy at 510am and I’m still up

  15. I woke up in a worried mood, as my mum is poorly and I was hoping she’d be a lot better today but obviously had no idea when I first woke up!

  16. I wakened in a wonderful mood,it’s Saturday,my daughter’s staying with us with her brand new baby girl,it doesn’t get any better than that x

  17. Woke up in a great mood because the kids let me have a lie in and my eldest made me a cup of coffee, which was lovely and doesn’t happen very often !

  18. Happy and grumpy if that’s possible ?happy because I’m now on holiday from work for 9 days bout grumpy because I’m coming down with a cold

  19. I woke up excited & surrounded by balloons that I had blown up last night for my husbands 29th birthday! We sleep in the front room (the kids have the bedrooms lol) so there were decorations everywhere, and Easter eggs, and I woke up very happy, and went and made hubby and the four kiddies a birthday brekkie! Extra happy as hubby now has two weeks off work to be with me! Yay! x

  20. Cranky because I don’t like mornings, and the clocks had gone forward so I was getting up an hour earlier than normal. But happy because it was EASTER!!!! So I knew loads of chocolate and roast dinner was coming!

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