GIVEAWAY: Crazy Claw Action Arcade Game

Drumond Park review Crazy Claw Family Clan

Crazy Claw

The Crazy Arcade Action game!

Crazy Claw is the action-packed game of boiling balls and grabbing claws. Everyone knows the excitement of the arcade games; now find the right Toy Tokens in the bubbling balls and you win!
While one player is the Claw Master, everyone else batters the paddles to bounce the balls around until the claw finally catches one.

The balls contain Toy Tokens, to win the game you must collect the 3 toys shown on your collection card.

Drumond Park review Crazy Claw Family Clan

Contents include:-

Unit base and lid
Folding clear unit walls
12 balls (3 x purple, 3 x yellow, 3 x Green, 3 x red)
12 x Toy Tokens
4 x Collection Cards
2 x Sticker Sheets

Setting Up

I inserted the clear unit walls into the base and lid. Next you get your sticker sheet and apply the stickers as shown on the diagram in the instructions. They were simple instructions to follow, showing you which sticker goes where, it is recommended for an adult to apply these. The stickers are quite realistic looking which makes a unit into a Crazy Claw arcade action game!

Drumond Park Crazy Claw Family Clan

Then I was to pop out the Toy Tokens and place each one into a colored ball.

Drumond Park Crazy Claw Family Clan

Once filled we put the balls inside the Crazy Claw and then we were ready to play.

Whilst the player is taking their turn the other players hit the red paddles, around the base of the unit, quickly and repeatedly to bounce the balls about in the Crazy Claw, the player tries to grab one of the bouncing balls.

Drumond Park Crazy Claw Family Clan

The aim of the game:-

Catch a coloured ball with the grabber, open it to reveal the toy token inside. You then check if you have the toy token on your collection card. If you do then place the toy token on top of your card, if it is not on your collection card, simply put the token back into the ball and back into the Crazy Claw machine. The first player to collect all three toy tokens shown on their collection card is the winner!

Youngest player goes first, so Grace had the first turn, using the Grabber she instantly pulled out the first ball and the toy token inside matched the image on her collection card.

Grace put the empty ball back in to the Crazy Claw. This is now leaving an empty ball inside the arcade game, which as we continue and more tokens are found, this makes the game harder as we progress as we kept grabbing empty balls, making it more challenging for us to find the toy tokens that we are looking for.

Drumond Park Crazy Claw Family Clan

The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players age 5+. Grace managed this game brilliant and she is aged 3. It is great to see her recognizing and match the objects together.

Jake who is 6, he really loves this game and has even told his friends at school all about it! I can see it being a favourite to play.

You can purchase Crazy Claw for just £24.99 from Amazon and all good toy stores.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace.


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74 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Crazy Claw Action Arcade Game

  1. I love pinball and air hockey the pinball has to be my all time favourite been out for years and brings back memory’s of my childhood

  2. I like arcade games better than normal computer games, but I play them so rarely that I can’t always remember the names. I can definitely remember my favourite though, it’s Point Blank! Closely followed by Puzzle Bobble

  3. I love monopoly as I am so competitive and its fun to play with the who family. Love how it teaches kids about the value of money too

  4. I always absolutely loved Pacman, I’ve recently found a pacman arcade game in my local pub – so addictive!!

  5. Video games was Asteroids, otherwise pinball machines. I don’t really know why but the challenge, especially against friends to get the high score was probably the reason

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  7. My kids love the 2p machines 🙂 they play for ages with about 50p !! ha ha …. the also love watching tipping point on ITV. The biggest 2p machine!! LOL xx

  8. My fav arcade game has always been that one where you throw the basketballs into the hoop….oooo and air hockey, it’s a tie!!!

  9. Love them all – the penny drop(tipping point ) , one armed bandits, crazy claw ( of course) , the horse race one – my son loves them nearly as much as me !

  10. Love them all – the penny drop(tipping point ) , one armed bandits, crazy claw ( of course) , the horse race one – my son loves them nearly as much as me !

  11. I always used to spend a lot of time on the push penny machine on the pier when I was younger. Saved my pennies all year! 🙂

  12. The ‘Tipping Point’ style 2p coin drops was always my favourite as it was really simple but incredibly addictive. x

  13. We always like a game of air hockey when in the arcade but my real weakness is the tipping 2p machines – get quite hooked on those! The kids love anything that gives them tickets to swap for sweets at the end…

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