Captain Pug Book by Laura James

Captain Pug – The Dog Who Sailed the Seas
by Laura James    illustrated by Eglantine Ceulemans
Captain Pug Book Review Family Clan Blog
This book is a story about a pug who wants to be a captain, but this little pug is afraid of water…
He ends up on a few mini adventures on the way…

Captain Pug starts his day being fed jam tarts for breakfast, his favourite.  His nose leads him on to a little adventure!
This book is really fun for readers, Jake who is 5 loved it, was trying to read along with some of the words he has been learning in school. Grace loved looking at the picture, she really seemed to be enjoying the story. As I read she pointed at a few of the pictures. 
We like how the words would sometimes ‘swooped’, not always be in a straight line sentence, which is very appealing. It kept Jake entertained on the reading, not just the pictures.
Captain Pug Book Review Family Clan Blog
The book is well illustrated and was also suited very well to Grace who is 2, she was able to follow the story along with me as well by using the pictures for guidance.
Captain Pug Book Review Family Clan Blog

The book is wrote in chapters, so we read a chapter every night before going to bed. Jake loved guessing what pug would get up to next and made his own little story thinking what would happen in the next chapter each time I tucked him into bed, he seemed to be sucked into pugs little world!

The book has a total of 124 pages, with 6 chapters, so it lasted us a week to read RRP £5.99 Here’s a link to Amazon where you can buy it.

The book is the first in the collection with the next one due out in January 2017 – ‘Cowboy Pug’
From a mothers point of view, I have found this to be a really good read, the children really enjoyed it to We are looking forward to the next adventure book.

Mummy H
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  1. Git this book from the library to read with my nephew before his swimming starts -hopefully it will encourage him to get in the water next time we go

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