Bank Holiday Sunshine Giveaway

Bank Holiday Giveaway Family Clan Blog

Bank Holiday Sunshine Giveaway

So it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend and the sun is shining for us, so no better excuse for a new giveaway.

We have this gorgeous flexible off white leather and cotton bracelet to giveaway to one lucky person.  It features a cute pair of angel wings with a movable bead  in between, a leaf branch and a bird – could it be an olive branch as it has the word Peace on tablet. It will look stunning on anyone who has caught the sun over the summer.

Bank Holiday Giveaway Family Clan BlogBank Holiday Giveaway Family Clan Blog







As you can see it is a five stranded bracelet that fastens with a lobster claw catch in to a chain.

It measures approximately 7 inches & at it’s longest 9 inches.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend.  We are partying for both Olivia‘s & Sharon’s birthday.

Nanna Jane

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Ends Midnight 25th September 2016

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174 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Sunshine Giveaway

  1. My favorite day is Easter. So whatever date that falls on. I love the start of Spring, pastel colors, the religious aspects. I just love that day!

  2. I love Christmas Day as it is a time when our family all comes together and I love my Christmas dinner!

  3. I’d say my favorite day of the year is Christmas day, all the family get together, the drink & food are in constant flow and we always end up watching the Only fools & Horses show that is on TV and it just brings back great memories!!

  4. My favourite day of the year is the 25th of December. I love Christmas Day, it’s so sparkly and cosy and everyone is happy!

  5. My fabourite day of the year is the 21st December because it’s the shortest day after that it starts getting lighter morning and evening.x

  6. Christmas Eve because everyone is super excited and there’s no pressure to produce perfect Christmas dinner, just lots of fun

  7. Christmas Day, we always have a walk out and i love seeing the world almost at a standstill. it makes me value life and the world that little bit more as i realise just how much we miss going about our hectic lives.

  8. Halloween, I love carving pumpkins with the family and seeing what people design. Getting all dressed up and seeing other peoples costumes as well as the cozy October weather.

  9. I love the excitement of Christmas Eve.Baking with my husband, visiting family, wrapping last minute pressies, watching Christmas movies and the anticipation of the big day xx

  10. Hard one -I like everyday because they are all unique and special -choosing Onecote would be new years day -new resolve and starting a fresh

  11. Thanksgiving, family gathers, we laugh, talk, chase the kids around, play games, and feast on many ethnic food but the main dish we look forward to is TURKEY.

  12. To be honest it’s not one day but three. Its my childrens birthdays. I love dedicating the whole day to them and treating them like princesses. They look forward to it weeks in advance and that makes me light up like nothing else on earth

  13. i love christmas eve as i have 2 children under the age of 3,its a lovely time for us as we are all so excited for christmas day

  14. The first day of spring is my favourite day. Flowers, blossom trees and the first rays of warm sunshine after a long grey winter put a big smile on my face.

  15. Hogmanay. I just love the end of a year, fills you with so much hope for a new year and also i love having a party with my children

  16. My wedding anniversary as we have a lovely day together & recite our wedding vows again to each other. Every year for 17 years 🙂

  17. Mother’s Day as get to celebrate my lovely mum who is an angel in the sky. She lost her fight with cervical cancer 6 years ago on boxing day!

  18. I love Christmas! It’s just the fantastic family nature of it and watching everyone open their presents!!

  19. Boxing Day as the hum drum of xmas is over and whilst the children play with toys the rest of family relax! and catch up with all the leftover trimmings

  20. My daughters birthday, it is a day when nothing will dampen it and spirits are high as we all celebrate a miracle

  21. My favorite day is Halloween each year. It’s a day of real change, suddenly the whole world turns dark and it’s all very exciting.

  22. My favourite day of the year is when autumn starts. The beautiful colours, the air gets a litle chillier, christmas gets closer & the nights draw in. I just love this season.

  23. For once we have some decent weather for the bank holiday. It’s great to see people out in the sun enjoying themselves ?

  24. I love spring as I will go to the park greeting and meeting many on my way,
    I will see the flowers that have bloomed from the flower bud
    And have sprung into life,
    I will see the once covered icy streams that have come back to life
    And I will see many birds that catch my eye
    As they spread their wings and fly by
    And I will see owners pulled by dogs in a line,
    Their barking midst the passing of time.

  25. It has to be Christmas day when all the family comes together and it is just such a good feeling exchanging gifts, enjoying good food, company and music

  26. Mine is Good Friday. A long weekend ahead and I always feel spring has arrived (even if it’s sometimes snowing!).

  27. I enjoy Easter Sunday the most as it’s the most relaxing time with the family, apart from eggs there’s not too much stress about it. You get the extra Bank Holiday to recover on the Monday and it symbolises new starts and the coming of Spring. x

  28. My favorite day of the year is christmas! It is so fun to have all the family together, eat great food, open presents, and lots of laughing!

  29. my favorite day of the year is christmas eve. most of our christmas traditions take place then, and all the anticipation of christmas morning is so exciting

  30. I don’t think I have a exact day as my favorite but If I have to say one.. maybe my relationship anniversary! 🙂 For obvious reasons :p

  31. My favourite day of the year is the 25th of December as that’s the day where i spend it with all my family members making wonderful memories and having fun together

  32. Since having children my favourite day of the year has to be Christmas. Its all about being together and enjoying being a family.

  33. Halloween. I love the autumn and there is nothing better than getting all nice and cosy and waiting for the little monsters to come out.

  34. My favourite day of the year is Christmas as its one of the only times we can get together as a family and spend quality time together making memories.

  35. My favourite day of the year is Christmas Day. I love seeing the looks on my children’s faces when they see all of the presents under the tree

  36. My favourite day of the year is the last day of term before the summer holidays. I’m a teacher and know I am going to get the long well earned rest – at least for five weeks anyway!

  37. Halloween, we make a big deal of it, decorate the house that day, get dressed up, have a party and then take the kids trick or treating

  38. My favourite day would have to be Christmas! Watching my sons face as he opens his presents and the excitement the day brings. Spending the day with family and loved ones, eating good food and feeling blessed 🙂

  39. My favourite day of the year is my little girls birthday as it’s in August it’s normally sunny and a lovely day which means we can go on a nice day out and I love seeing her so excited in the morning

  40. I love my little girls birthday. Each year it feels so special to look back on the day she was born. I also love to share in her excitement

  41. My favourite day is christmas eve. I love sitting in front of the fire watching movies with my little boy eating chocolate and singing carols xx

  42. I never really thought about it before but I’d have to say January 1st. Start of a new year and the weather and daylight are on the rise.

  43. Christmas Eve because I love putting the final touches to Christmas preparations and the anticipation of what is in store the following day 🙂

  44. my favorite day /week is the first week of july. my entire family goes away with out internet and we actually talk and be around each other and enjoy the outside with out the distractions of the electronic world

  45. Boxing Day is my favourite day of the year because the next Christmas Day and all the stress that goes with it is a whole year away.

  46. I love Christmas Eve spent with my young grandsons, getting Santa & Rudolph’s plate of treat ready then snuggling up to tell stories about Santa and all his helpers

  47. My favourite day is christmas eve, we bake, watch films, sprinkle food for the reindeer in the garden then track santas journey

  48. Mine is Christmas day because it’s the one day when all problems and worries seem to disappear and everyone relaxes.

  49. Christmas as it’s when all of the family get together and have a fun time. It’s nothing to do with exchanging gifts, it’s playing games and seeing everyone happy. Also my nephew will be two and a half this Christmas so he might understand a bit about what’s happening and seeing him open his presents will be nice xxx

  50. My wedding anniversary because it helps us stop and look at how lucky we are to have come so far, stayed together so long and appreciate being together and having two amazing children.

  51. It’s Christmas Day…… we don’t have the TV on, everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, even when I get a bit frantic serving up the dinner I still enjoy it all.

  52. Christmas and New Years Day are my fave as I come from Orkney and up there we play are local
    Sport “The Ba” which is very unique and plain crazy too!. Dxx

  53. Probably Christmas day, I love seeing the kids faces when they open there gifts and just spending the whole day relaxing and with family 🙂

  54. christmas day. most other holidays/ocassions are a bit more forced or wasted. Yes, christmas is forced and ultra-commercial, but it’s the one we tend to put the most effort into.

  55. My kids birthdays are my favorite as it reminds me of how happy they make me and how much I love them and how lovely it was to see their faces for the first time x

  56. Christmas day! Huge family get together with all the generations round the table. Truly the best day of the year! Love the festive season.

  57. Hmm i would say Xmas day, as my 4 kids and i can just chill and be together, and it is the only day i do not cook as kids prefer snacks, and have a bottle of wine lol.

  58. Every Day!!!!!!!

    In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson…

    “Write it on your heart
    that every day is the best day in the year.
    He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day
    who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.”

    We should be grateful for everything that this earth has given us, and wake up every morning and live life to it’s fullest.

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