Baby Jake Giveaway – *CLOSED*


Winner Helen D

This months giveaway prize is a Musical Baby Jake, get your little one singing-a-long with his well known tune.


BBC’s Baby Jake Doll

Family Clan Blog Baby Jake Giveaway Back Box














Baby Jake is brilliant from baby to my sons ages now 4! He loves it… each episode take him on different places for adventures, on the farm, to into space, with his little friends Pengy Quin, Sydney the Monkey, Nibbles the Rabbit & the Hamsternauts who come along on every adventure!.

My children love Baby Jake, with his gurgles & repeated words.

This toy is great for your child’s imaginative play & sound recognition. Children learn through exploration & creative play.

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279 thoughts on “Baby Jake Giveaway – *CLOSED*

  1. steve austin – the bionic man and he had an eye that magnified things when you looks through it,because in the series he had a bionic eye.

  2. It sounds sad, but I had a torch that had different coloured lenses. Red, green, yellow. It was so atmospheric in the dark. I loved it!

  3. My favourite toy when I was younger was my roller skates. I couldn’t wait to put them on when I got home from school and would have worn them to school if I could get away with it. I loved racing down slopes and jumping over objects: no wonder I was so skinny in those days – could do with a pair now!

  4. Loved my Barbies. Wanted to play with my cousins when we went and one year they said they had sold them. Only to find that “Santa” had bought them for me for Christmas 2 weeks later. 🙂

  5. I loved my cabbage patch doll took it everywhere with me , dad hated it said it waas the ugliest doll he had ever seen lol

  6. i had one baby doll, it had a soft red material body and her face was a plastic, her eyes would shut when you lay her down. – i loved that baby. i refused to play with any other doll!

  7. i had a monkey that could put its thumbs and toes in its mouth,nose and ears and switch them around. loved that toy so much

  8. I loved my tressie doll not as famous as Sindy or Barbie but just as good. My mum used to give me scraps of material from her dressmaking and I used to hand sew out fits for her

  9. Another thing I loved was my sledge made by my dad used to spend hours on it in the winter going down the hills near my home

  10. my baby born doll! cant wait to get my girls one when they are bigger. i was well jelouse of my friend though as she had ALL of the accessories! i broke my finger trying to get out of the house before my siblings so i could go play babies at her house, that wasnt too fun but i still went to play (my parents didnt take me to the hospital untill my finger hadnt stopped bleeding 5 hours later! owiiiie!

  11. I had a cuddly Basil Brush that I was never without. I still have him hanging together by a few threads. Hes nearly 40!!! Like me…

  12. I had a little fluffy dog that lived in a fabric house with a velcro door. I still have the dog, well my little boy does x

  13. A doll called cuggles and I still have her now she has a foam body and rubber arms ,legs and head with blonde short hair.My mum brought her in woolworths and i still remember that day like it happened today and the doll still wears the same t-shirt she wore the day she was brought.

  14. my favourite thing was a sweet shop my dad made. He saved all the empty jars and containers and filled them with different sweets. Must have took him months to do .

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  16. My favourite toys when I was little were my polly pockets and my little ponies 🙂 I actually kept them for if I ever had a daughter & luckily I now have two! I can’t wait to give them to when they are older 😀 xx

  17. I had a little glow up kitty. I was scared of the dark, so when I used to get scared, I would press her little tummy and her cheeks would glow red. This used to make me feel better so I could drift back to sleep.

  18. I had barbies, kens, and sindeys….everywhere and if there wasn’t one of those in eye line it was my little ponys! 😀

  19. As a new dad in terms of being a parent, my son of 9 months has brought me in to the world of CBeebies which he enjoys immensely, this would be perfect. fingers crossed 🙂

  20. i had a little dilly that wore a light blue snow suit so she looked a little like maggy of the simpsons when she wears a snowsuit lol i would not go without the dolly

  21. My mum likes to remind me that i would quite happily sit and play with a basket full of clothes pegs for hours lol, she says it more often now because my niece is doing the exact same thing now.

  22. Auntie Kitty over the road had made a navy blue cat called Toby that used his tail as a draught excluder. She made me a mini one from the same material, called Percy, and I loved it

  23. My bear his name was paws
    His eyes would look up to mine,
    Brown fur and a white smudgy face,
    And he needed nothing else but my warm embrace,
    As I sat in my chair,
    Time had no barrier,
    Like his love for me that he showed,
    And I would nudge him with my nose.

  24. I used to have a Toy Camera, that had a smiley face on the front and every time i clicked the shutter, it said ‘Smile’ 🙂

  25. My favourite childhood toy was Dotty from Raggydolls! I had a whole Raggydoll themed bedroom and remember running home from school every day to watch it on CITV!

  26. My favourite toy when I was little was an 18″ doll with long, wavy brunette hair. I ended up pulling out all the hair by over-combing it but I still have the doll in a box in the loft decades later.

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