Crochet Baby Blanket with a Diamond Pattern

New Baby Announcement

I am now allowed to say that we will be having a new addition to the family early next year.  A little boy is due to Mummy-to-be C & Daddy-to-be G.  In fact the new Munchkin is due on my birthday, wouldn’t that be a brilliant present, but as we all know babies tend to come when they are ready & rarely on their due date, unless your Mummy H & Jake, born at lunch time on his due date!  Finally we will have someone to continue on the family name.

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Anyhow I’ve had my crochet hooks out, I wanted to start on a baby blanket, before we knew whether we was having a boy or a girl, so I found a pattern for a baby blanket with diamond design on it that I love.  I’m making it in fairly thin 2 ply but super soft yarn. I got a few cones off Ebay & this pastel lemon one fitted the bill.

I’m using a 4 mm crochet needle / hook, it measures 102 cm x 34 cm, as of the 24th of August.  I’m not sure how big thebaby  blanket with be when I’ve finished crocheting. I want it to be a large size, that can be used on the floor for tummy time, as a shawl, & of course as a cot /baby basket blanket.  I’ll just keep crocheting until I feel it’s the right size – or I run out of wool!

I’m going to put a border around the edge, but haven’t decided whether this will be self-coloured or maybe add white into it.  I’ll have to look through my yarns to see if I have any of the same yarn weight.

It’s an easy repeating pattern that I can do whilst watching TV in an evening.

What’s on your needles/hooks at the moment?

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13 thoughts on “Crochet Baby Blanket with a Diamond Pattern

  1. so beautiful, I don’t do knitting but my sister does, I cant wait to see the pattern so I can show to my sister. x

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