1st Day at School

First Day of School

We can’t believe it but our big boy Jake is starting school today.  He is going to be five in 23 days, but it really doesn’t seem two minutes since he was born & looked like this

Family Clan Blog Baby Jake


But now he’s all grown up & we managed to get a quick photo before we left.

Family Clan Blog 1st Day of School

Have fun at school Jake!

7 thoughts on “1st Day at School

    • Doesn’t seem that long since he was born, we’ve turned around & he’s in school. Only half a day today, but full time with lunch from tomorrow. He’s going to be exhausted. Nanna Jane x

  1. Can’t believe how fast time can fly! Seems like they are babies one moment and in a blink of an eye they’ve grown so fast. Hope he’s enjoying school and makes lots of good friends x

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